Port Moody | Micro Vancouver

Port Moody | Micro Vancouver

Port Moody | Micro Vancouver There are good reasons why Vancouver consistently places in the top 20 best cities to live in, in the world. Renowned for its clean air, stunning natural beauty, access to culture and recreation, great beaches and friendly people it attracts people from all over the world as the ideal place … Read more

Getting started in real estate investment…

Getting started in real estate investment just might be easier than you ever thought. On Tuesday, November 8th, real estate investor, Robert Klein, will be joining Homeowner Advocate and local REALTOR®, John Grasty, for the Real Estate Transitions Seminar, at Douglas College (Room C1005) in Coquitlam. Rather than provide a seminar outline, here is a … Read more

Younger in Port Moody…

Inlet Centre Backdrop in Autumn In early 2008 multi-family homes in Port Moody became the city’s main source of available housing stock. Yes, more than 50% of Port Moody’s households are now multi-family. In contrast to other cities, and based on the 2006 Census, Port Moody has a significantly younger citizen profile which means amongst … Read more

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