From the Port Moody Campaign Trail…

Have you ever noticed before federal or provincial elections how polling companies start asking questions about the issues, and not your issues, but some that have been predetermined for you? This “agenda-setting” happens all the time, like when the Evergreen Line (province) announced public hearings for citizen input after they had already allocated (set) the … Read more

Getting started in real estate investment…

Getting started in real estate investment just might be easier than you ever thought. On Tuesday, November 8th, real estate investor, Robert Klein, will be joining Homeowner Advocate and local REALTOR®, John Grasty, for the Real Estate Transitions Seminar, at Douglas College (Room C1005) in Coquitlam. Rather than provide a seminar outline, here is a … Read more

Evergreen Line – Third Station in Port Moody

Port Moody’s Old Town Future is in our hands – by Robert Simons (Reproduced from NewPort Village Voice) After waiting for 15 plus years – Port Moody businesses and citizens will begin the serious dialogue on plans and final engineering of long awaited transportation infrastructures; notable Evergreen Line and the Murray Clarke connector. A golden opportunity … Read more

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